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Vacation in Uvat is a welcoming travelling Real Siberia, mighty Irtysh River and lots of its small tributaries winding through taiga thickets; lakes full of fish and waterfowl Here you will have a good chance to catch your own Siberian trophy: pike, pikeperch, stripy perch of fairly large size and weight, ide, big crucian, ich, nelma, sterlet. Our Siberian land is beautiful in every season with green meadows blossoming with the brightest colours in spring and fabulous frosty trees in winter. If you happen to find yourself in Uvat you immediately feel live nature breathing that brings you away from small troubles, everyday fuss and idleness. Here, among simple virginal beauty, on a green river bank under a shady cedar or a birch-tree your false hopes and storms fade away like a fire smoke Nature the Great comes into its own, making your heart brave, feelings serene and dreams clear

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