Dear visitors!

November 2009

We invite you to celebrate a long-awaited New Year's holiday at restaurant GrandOtelja Uvat or in a fizkulturno-improving complex of Uvatsky area. You are waited by the cheerful New Year's program with known actors from Ekaterinburg.

In the action program:

  • The incendiary leader
  • Valery Belikov's singing songs in 7 languages surprising voice
  • Unforgettable Show of drums of Davlethana
  • Performances of charming dancers of the Ekaterinburg ballet "Odds"
  • And also performances of the illusionist, animators and, certainly, Father Frost arrival and its grand daughters of the Snow Maiden is expected

You are waited by the sea of prizes, draws, a magnificent buffet and good mood.

We accept demands for carrying out of Prenew Year's corporate actions

  • The dopolniterlnaja information by phone. (34561) 28-800, 28-801
  • Competition on sports fishing

    October 2009

    On October, 10th in Uvate have passed open personally-command competitions on the sports fishing, devoted to the 85 anniversary of Uvatsky area. Competitions have marked end of a flight fishing season - 2009. Summing up, it is possible to tell with confidence that the season has passed successfully. Fishermen could brag of the , and photos of copies of the "prize-winning" fishes caught from Irtysh and other Uvatsky lakes and the rivers, have filled up collections of many fans of silent hunting.
    Intense training by a winter fishing season has now begun, there is a purchase of snowmobiles, the cross-country winter technics, new fishing docks and hunting accustom.


    Indian summer in Uvate

    September 2009

    The second year passes festival of television information programs in Uvatsky area successively. On the competition informally named the Indian summer in Uvate has been presented more than 300 works from 60 broadcasting companies of Rosii. As the leader the known TV presenter of the program to "Conduct", "Russia" - incomparable Maria Sittel has been invited. As she said, the trip to Uvat always long-awaited also brings many bright impressions.

    By a lucky chance competition of television programs has coincided with the first international competition of a wooden sculpture. Among participants of competition there were representatives from Switzerland, Belgium, and also from several cities of Russia. It is necessary to note talented Tobolsk and simply surprising person Minsalima Timergazeeva who has arranged the present miniperformance which has become, perhaps, by one of the high points of both competitions.


    July 2009

    In July with private visit of GrandOtel Uvat Anatoly Borisovich Chubays with the family has visited. To employees of hotel were to see pleasantly warm and polite relations not only in a family, but also to surrounding people. Joyful smiles and the good relation were transferred each other, and dialogue with eminent visitors was to everyone in pleasure.


    The children's menu

    June 2009

    From the beginning of June in hotel there was the special children's menu based on useful to health of the kid products. The menu assortment includes various tasty dairy squashes, vitamin from fresh vegetables and fruit, specially the prepared soups. Names of dishes will wake appetite and deliver a sheer pleasure to you and your kids. For convenience of feeding of children at restaurant GrandOtelja Uvat it is possible to take advantage of special children's armchairs.


    Summer cafe

    June 2009

    With approach of the most light and hot days in a year, in green territory the Grandee of Hotel Uvat the summer cafe with a tremendous kind on wood hills has opened. Fresh air, the sun, smells of wood and a grass pacify and adjust on summer holiday. To services of visitors a wide choice of dishes, soft drinks, the easy and nourishing snack, useful teas, ice-cream.


    June 2009

    In GrandOtele Uvat in summer months will pass practice group of students of the Tobolsk industrial institute. The probationers rather interested in reception of qualitative knowledge and skills, try to acquire as much as possible information. In the course of training students get acquainted with standards and hotel rules, with services and divisions, with culture of service. There is a confidence that the received experience and knowledge will allow the future colleagues to achieve successes after the study termination.


    March 2009

    Since March, 30th 2009 - on April, 9th 2009 in Uvate will pass the Championship of Russia on biathlon.
    In "GrandOtele Uvat" the well-known shooting skiers of the country, near and far abroad plan to take places more than 130 persons, including.
    At the moment there is an intense training to competitions.
    Regulations of carrying out of the Championship of Russia on biathlon
    On March, 30th - on April, 9th, 2009

    On April, 01st

    11:00 Sprint, women of 7,5 km
    13:30 Sprint, men of 10 km

    On April, 02nd

    11:00 Persjut, women of 10 km
    13:00 Persjut, men of 12,5 km

    On April, 04th

    11:00 Masstart of the woman of 12,5 km
    13:00 Masstart of the man of 15 km

    On April, 05th

    11:00 Relay race of the woman 46 km
    14:00 Relay race of the man 47,5

    On April, 06th

    14:30 Race of veterans

    On April, 08th

    11:00 the Marathon of the man of 40 km

    On April, 09th

    11:00 the Marathon of the woman of 30 km


    March 2009

    In the Grandee Hotel Uvat in February - March there pass practice students of the Tobolsk State Teacher training college of D.I.Mendeleyev, trained on a speciality Welfare service and tourism.
    During an industrial practice students get acquainted with structure of management of Hotel, functioning of services and divisions, system of registration of the documentation at reception and placing of Visitors, rules of dialogue of employees with Visitors and many other things.

    March 2009

    In "GrandOteleUvat" the booth of the known trade mark Flower gadgets with a wide choice of bouquets, congratulatory cards, various compositions has opened.
    According to your desire roses, tulips, lilies, narcissuses can be delivered in any point of Uvatsky area.
    Demands for floristic registration of wedding, anniversary and other celebrations are accepted. To constant clients of the discount.
    Flowers the most lovely gift for all occasions.

    To Berlin Ekaterinburg, Moscow, Tyumen

    February 2009

    Experts of Uvatsky area and representatives of "GrandOtelja Uvat" are going to take part in four professional tourist exhibitions in Berlin, Ekaterinburg, Moscow, Tyumen.

    We are assured that the picturesque nature of region, the richest fauna will interest any fisher, the hunter or simply fan of productive leisure.

    Shootings for "Teletravel"

    February 2009

    In the beginning of February in Uvatsky area the film crew of the program Joint-Stock Company "Teleguidebook" the First ׻, St.-Petersburg worked.
    Specially for shootings helicopter excursion on the hunting and fishing grounds of Uvatsky area has been organised. The operator managed to embody elks in taiga deaf wood, the fishermen happy with ...
    For stay in Uvate, journalists have taken places in comfortable hotel rooms of "GrandOtelja Uvat" and have felt care of affable and benevolent employees. Warm reception in hotel has helped to restore forces after long shootings on a frost, to be charged by positive energy and good mood.
    The reporting on riches of Uvatsky area look on television channel "Teletravel" after February, 20th, 2009.

    It happens only time in a year!

    January 2009

    In "GrandOtele Uvat" there has passed a corporate party.
    For the first time employees of hotel have come to hotel not as workers, and as visitors. It was unusually pleasant to see the colleagues elegant, in beautiful suits, with persons shone for pleasure.

    Undoubtedly, New Year's festival it has gone right and it will pleasantly be remembered by all employees for many long years.

    New Year.

    January 2009

    The meeting of New Year has passed in "GrandOtele Uvat" on-sibirski is noisy and is cheerful.
    Specially for a holiday actors from Ekaterinburg have been invited: incendiary leader Michael Matveev, the honoured artist of Russia singer Anatoly Filippenko, conjurer Vladimir Filatov, the great saxophonist Denis Chupahin, a tool duet "Hell-libitum" were so incendiary that nobody could remain sitting behind a little table and not break into a dance.
    The New Year's table of restaurant represented a culinary and aesthetic masterpiece.
    When hours have punched 12, visitors have gone out of doors to see the salute shaking on the beauty proceeding more of 10 minutes.
    All were delighted with reigning celebratory atmosphere, music, good mood.

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